My implant experience was fast, relatively comfortable for such a procedure and I am more than pleased with my results.  Other dental professionals that have seen my implant are impressed by its fit, surrounding tissue and general appearance.  I hope I'll never need another one, but I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else.  Thank you Dr.Tedesco!





Recently I had a dental implant for a missing tooth that I had.  The procedure which was done in Dr. James Tedesco's office was done with the utmost of professionalism and patience.  During this whole procedure, Dr. Tedesco proceeded with extreme care and concern for my well being.  During the procedure I really felt no discomfort.  This also was true for after the time the procedure was finished.  Then procedure took three visits to achieve the total result.  This was for the initial procedure, taking xrays, impressions and final implant.  When all was done I had a much better look having the implant and there were no problems after the procedure.  No pain, discomfort or sensitivity.  I can chew and eat normally.  I am very happy I had the implant procedure because of the cosmetic result and it is a way of continuing to maintain the proper dental care I try to achieve.






I had not been to a dentist in quite a long time.  I was absolutely determined before this summer to smile again.  I kept searching online and found Dr. Tedesco's site.  I thought to myself "could this be true, could Dr. Tedesco fix anything where it wouldn't be sent to different people to have crowns, implants or anything else done?"  They were so kind when I called and I thought this all just might be okay.  Dr. Tedesco made me feel instantly that all would be okay and I would smile again.  I knew I would need almost everything and between Dr. Tedesco and his staff, it all started happening.  Even after my first visit, I was able to start feeling confident in my smile!  I have never had one bit of pain.  One thing the whole staff wants is for all their patients to be super comfortable.  I never had to wait when arriving at the office.  I feel like I just received the best present ever.






Dr Tedesco was very pleasant and professional.  He explained every detail about the procedure and the steps he was going to do.  The procedure was virtually painless with little discomfort.  I did not need any pain pills or other medication and the process only took a few weeks.
The reason I wanted dental implants was because I wanted to have teeth instead of a gap, dentures or partials.  Dr Tedesco and his staff were very pleasant, helpful and professional.  He took his time and was not rushed.






I was very apprehensive being one of the first implant patients of Dr. Tedesco  After he explained the procedure I was a little more at ease.  I decided to go ahead with the implant and it was the best decision.  The procedure was completed in one visit and was quick and painless.  I couldn't be happier with the results.  I would highly recommend an implant of this kind.






My dental implant was a great experience! I had no problem with the procedure and no discomfort.  It looks just like my real teeth and now I don't have to worry when I smile, that missing tooth is filled in and looks great.






In my experience with my dental implants, I found the procedure to be pain free and comfortable.  I went ahead with implants because my teeth were in need of repair.  It was such an improvement on my appearance.  I was very pleased with the results and the experience of Dr. Tedesco and staff.






This implant is definitely the best investment I have ever made!  The procedure was easy and almost completely painless!  The healing time was quick and easy.  The entire procedure hurts less than getting fillings.  I love my new tooth!  The thing I love the most is waking up in the morning and seeing a beautiful smile! I love my tooth!!!






A few years ago Dr. Tedesco and his staff completed a dental implant restoration for me un an upper tooth.  The ultimate decision to have this performed turned out to be a wise one.  Both in terms of functionality and cosmetic purposes.
The entire process was a relatively comfortable procedure with very little associated discomfort.  Since the implant was completed I have had not problem with the restored tooth and am considering an additional implant restoration in the near future.  I would highly recommend this option for the best and lasting results.






I have had three implant procedures completed by Dr. Tedesco and his staff successfully with the last 4 years.  Each procedure was done with a complete review of what was to be done and when by the staff.  They answered all questions and I was treated professionally and painlessly each time.
The results were great and I can now give a smile without thinking of how I look with missing teeth.
Do it. You will be happy you did.






Dr. Tedesco's service is completely painless.  He explains every step of the procedure and also asks how you are feeling as he proceeds.  I had hardly any pain after he finished and I am fully satisfied with his work.  He will be my dentist as long as I live in the area.